Enterprise software solution

for webcam agencies

RVC Studio is a suite of apps (web, desktop and mobile) created to help you manage and better your webcams agency.


We are that software company that you were looking for. Young, motivated and with a very strong knowledge of the adult & camming industry.

Our Understanding of a Webcams Studio (Agency)


Both the models (camgirls) and the studio's staff must communicate with each-other efectively.
This is exactly why our software solution gives everyone the needed tools for safe communication: internal messaging and also an internal forum.


You know how much time you spend either logging in the required camsites (no matter if you are already familiar with tools like Roboform or other password managers) but more important, how much time a studio spends in order to configure an somehow automatic system for remembering passwords and accounts.
Our software solution makes it easy for you (and anyone using it) to access exactly what they are intended to access!

of work

Both the performers (models) in your studio and also your staff will be able to do their work in a very easy fashion.
The models (performers, camgirls) will use a desktop software from which, with only one mouse click, they will go online, while your manangement staff will find it similarly easy for them to access their camsites when adding earnings or performing various tasks.


1. In your native language

This suite of software apps is currently available for 3 languages: English, Romanian and Spanish.

2. Responsive

Despite we also have a special software (not released yet) for mobile phones, the panel software works perfectly smooth on all devices: desktops, tablets and phones.

3. Performers Management

From withing our software, you can manage all models in your studio, and also the models that work from their home.

4. Documents

This software allows anyone to save documents of various needs inside the platform.

5. Communicating

Our software puts at your disposal various forms of cummunication, in order to help you be more efficient.

6. Scheduler

In the adult industry and especially in our industry, a model's schedule is a very important tool. That is why we give you schedulers for both admins and performers.

And more...

We simply could not talk about all the nice features that this software comes with. Wall of Fame, Tasks management, Earnings, Graphs, Tools, Seriousness, Info pages and more...

Camsites we support

If a website that you work with is not in our list, don't be sad :) In a matter of few hours of work we could add support for that website as well.


Autologin provided in JasminCam. Also we pre-configure the JasminCam software with correct parameters to make the software stable

Bonga Cams

The BongaModels software is supported by our software. Also the automatic login via a browser using the desktop Performer Software app.


Cam4 website is fully supported and we also offer an easy to use HD encoder for it, to be used as an external encoder.


All models will be automatically logged-in this website with only 1 mouse click :)


A website offered by Chaturbate, CamGasm is supported by our platform.


A very old and slow website with only a handful of models, but there are some models who use it. So here it is :)


Yes, we support both its windows software and also the web interface.

Cams (streamray)

Cams.com website is fully supported, and we also integrate an easy-to-use external HD encoder for this website. Usually a model goes online with only 3-4 mouse clicks.


Yes, chaturbate is supported, with automatic login in the website.


EuroLive's website is fully supported and working like a charm


We offer full support for Flirt4Free in both its website but most importantly in their Windows app that the models use for broadcasting.


FreeWebCams is supported by our software, all models are on the site with only one mouse click.


iFriends is supported at this moment only via the browser, because in August 2016 they totally dropped support on SuperCamConsole and asked all models not to use it anymore.


ImLive is fully supported by our software. A few years ago we even had support for their HD encoder via ImlStreamer (for which we created our own replacement) but they dropped the project a while ago.


Jasmin is fully supported with pre-configuration of JasminCam software. We pre-configure it with model's username, password and also with the camera and microphone settings for the room where she logs in from.


Yes, we offer full support for XLoveCam's LivePimpin website.


Believe it or not, for those dedicated models who know how to earn big, we also support ModelCentro and we also offer our custom HD encoder for those that decide to go live on it.


Yes, we offer login support on MyFreeCams from both their standalone windows MFC chat app but also from ther model web page, via Google Chrome.


NeedLive is also supported by our software.


PantyBay is going to launch in a new journey so yes, we support their website in our software (along with our custom HD encoder of course)


Shaddy's website is also supported by our platform. With only 1 click of the mouse, the model will be logged in Shaddy's website.


SkyPrivate is fully supported by our software but even more, we have created a custom SkyPrivate plugin that is integrated in our software. Both Skype and the SkyPrivate plugin are automatically started (and configured) when a model uses our Performer Software.


Streamate is fully supported, with auto-login in both their SM Broadcaster app and also in the website. For those that are not enjoying the SM Broadcaster, we offer a custom HD encoder for Streamate, preconfigured with their best setttings for streaming in HD


Yes, StripChat is fully supported and as well, xHamster Live.


xHamster is fully supported.


Visit-X is supported by our software


WebCamClub is supported by our software


XLoveCam is fully supported by our software. We even provide our own custom HD replacement for the original FluxManager app, that is better integrated with our software.


xModels and their custom software are supported by our software.

About us

Our Trade

For over 4 years, we have perfected this software in real environments. Its shape nowadays is what we discovered of most importance. However, more features will be added to this software in time.

We're in this business since 2008 and ever since, this software took many forms.
Today, in its best shape, its ready to be the reason for growing your business. We will help your business GROW!

How we started it

Back in 2008 it was the idea behind.

With only a handful of models, we already found it dificult to give them easy means/methods of work. Thus we created only an online scheduler and a drop-down menu where the models were able to access their camsite accounts.
So this is how we started this. Now, the entire source code contains a little over 140 thousands lines of code. And we're not done yet :)


Because keeping track of earnings in Excel is a pain in the ass even for a really small studio
Because keeping track of who and when will come at work on paper (or on a board or even on a Google shared calendar) is also a pain in the ass
And of course, because WE CAN :). And we already did it!


"Yes, We Can! Yes, we did it! Yes, we have it!"

Our Skills
Camgirls Training
Audio, Video & Encoding

The Count

We have spent various amounts of time on activities. Oh and we like coffee a lot.


Cups of coffee, past 3 years


Lines of code written


Happy Customers


Camsites supported


Some wisdom

Hi, my name is Sebi and I'm the architect of this software.

I'm only one of the Romania's sons who decided for a career in Computer Science. Despite all my efforts in trying to freeze time, the years have passed and nowadays I can proudly say that I have a little over 14 years of experience in creating software programs.

But I will not brag about myself here as in case you dind't noticed already, I am trying to sell you the software this page talks about :)

C#, Delphi, and Mobile development
Design (and drinking); yeah, I am not good at painting
Social skills

"Good God!" I can only hope you will not try to eat my free time, as I am a very busy person.


You might believe that our product is somehow expensive, but please bear in mind that it costs only 2 cups of coffee per day :)

Though, we work almost 340 days a year, 7 days out of 7 in a week... so taking into consideration we drink more than 2 coffees a day, this might not seem that expensive anymore

How much would a coffee cost? That should be around... 2$, right?

  • Every 3 months
  • 125€ / month
  • default price
Billed in one installment of 375€
Billed in one installment of 1200€
  • Every 6 months
  • 112.5€ / month
  • 10% discount
Billed in one installment of 675€

VAT is not included.
Additional discounts are applied for companies with multiple studios. Reach us for an offer.


Feel free to see our software live now.

A demo is there waiting for you to see all the features in action.

Feel free to test it as you wish :) We don't mind if you create a mess in there...


Interested in finding out more details or do you have questions? Send us your message and we'll answer

Contact Us

Email: office@rvcstudio.com

Phone: (0040) 745 33757 (and 7+2)

Fax: sorry, no fax :)